A "home away from home", where your children can learn and play ... with others!

We've Taken Care of Over 1,000 Children of Laguna Beach, Since 1984. "We invite your kids into our home too!"

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Learning about fireman

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Future Chef

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Welcome to
Kid Care Brookie's Mom.
"Where the smiles on
our kids' faces, tell OUR story!"

                                                       Sheila Jacobs

At Kid Care Brookie's Mom, child care has been a joyful experience since 1984.

The first question we are often asked is "Who is Brookie?" Brookie is our loving daughter and light of our lives. When she was born, my husband and I fell in love with being parents. We totally enjoyed the experience of raising Brookie ... teaching her to read, guiding her to the right types of food, protecting her and exposing her to so many things that have helped make her into an outstanding young lady. Because of all this we watched her grow from a baby, into a young adult. This was very, very rewarding for us. We never wanted it to end. But as you know as parents, children do grow up.

One day my husband and I looked at each other when Brookie was three years old and said, "Why does it have to end"? Why don't we use the parenting skills we have learned and are using everyday raising Brookie, to help other parents raise their children? So we set out about twenty eight years ago, to become licensed with the state of California and turned the same home where we were raising Brookie, into a place where we could help raise the children of other local Laguna Beach parents like your selves.

Brookie is all grown up now. We must have done something right, because she is such a great young lady and works in our community. Often I look back at the more than 1,000 children who have gone through our child care center. It's been so rewarding for Steven and I to still be using most of the same techniques today, we used with Brookie. We are very proud to have been a small part of so many children growing up, becoming parents and working in the area. We would like to help your child too.

Nobody will care for your child better than we will ... every day!

Let us briefly explain our program, from a daycare center, a childcare center, babysitting to preschool and more.  

Our licensed preschool offers pre-writing, reading and math skills, a language literature program, creative arts, age-appropriate cooking class, gymnastics and movement experience. We provide delicious, nutritious meals and snacks for children, and Miss Sheila teaches our kids about manners, hygiene and appropriate peer interaction.

We offer both half day programs and full day programs. Miss Sheila’s educational background is in Early Childhood Education as well as having her credentials to be a Director in a preschool. Miss Sheila and Mr. Steven are both sensitive to the individual needs of young children.  We also work in conjunction with and according to the standards of the Laguna Beach / Orange County, CA, School Readiness Program.

KidCareBrookiesMom.com is a happy day care center and child development center with appropriate play experiences that contribute to the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic development of the child.

Brookie is very proud of the loving environment we have created for local children. And we are glad to see that the experiences of parenthood live on, in our home everyday, through the children of Laguna Beach, California. We look forward to meeting your kids.


Our Daycare Program Includes 10 Main Individual Elements. Here's A Quick Overview:

Many of our competitors (and we don't feel we really have any) simply enroll your children without really explaining to the parent what their child care program consists of. At Kid Care Brookie's Mom, we want you to have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what your child is experiencing every day, every hour and every minute of the day. Here is an overview and later on in our website, we will explain these areas in greater detail:

BROOKIE Indoor Play
BROOKIE Gymnastics
BROOKIE Cooking Class
BROOKIE Sensory Development Tables
BROOKIE Quite Time
BROOKIE Open House
BROOKIE Movement Experience

Our program is designed to give your children the child development tools they need to grow and develop into productive members of our local Laguna Beach community and society around the world. Today's children will become the leaders of tomorrow if they learn the basics when they are young!

21 Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing Childcare Centers:

1. How have you learned about childcare and 
    childrens' development?
2. Can I contact my child immediately if I need to 
    reach them?
3. How many children will be in my child's group?
4. What would a typical day look like for my child 
    in childcare and daycare?
5. Who will my child be in touch with each day?
6. Will my child receive individual attention each day?
7. What kinds of meals and snacks will my children 
8. How do you handle it if a child refuses to take a nap?
9. What is your approach to toilet training?
10. What are your policies regarding discipline?
11. How do you ease a child that is upset or has 
    been crying?
12. Will my children be taken on offsite trips?
13. If yes, how will they be transported and who will 
    watch them?
14. How much time do children spend outside every day?
15. What happens if my child gets ill?
16. Can I envision my child in this home?
17. Does the Director love children or are children just 
    the product?
18. Do the children seem like they are comfortable 
    and enjoy the environment?
19. How are children taught to interact with other children?
20. As a parent, can I drop by without notice?
21. We encourage you to ask additional questions, anytime.

All of these are great questions and we encourage you to ask these to us and any Child Care Center, Day Care Center or Preschool Center you consider placing your child into. As part of our service, we will provide you with our answers to these questions in our "Brookie's Mom" introduction package when we get together or you can request a digital copy on our "Contact Us" page.

To arrange a convenient time to meet, just call 1-949-499-1178, text us @ 949-280-5587 or send us a e-mail  @ misssheila@kidcarebrookiesmom.com, anytime. We will meet at whatever time works for you. Check us out on facebook for monthly child care tips and parenting tips!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kidcarebrookiesmom